Frequently Asked Question

The Global ACE Certification is a holistic framework of cyber security professional certification that outlines the overall approach, independent assessments, impartiality of examinations, competencies of trainers, identification and classification of cyber security domains and the requirements of professional memberships.

KSA Descriptor (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude) is a reference to identify skills, knowledge and attitude required for professionals in the Cyber Security field.

All applications must be completed using the Global ACE Certification Portal.

1. If you have not registered as a portal user, please click here to get username and password to the portal.

2. Next, log in to the portal here.

3. Proceed to register as a member here.


• No membership fee; and

• Ten (10) contact hours of CPD.


• Membership fee is USD100.00 annually; and

• Twenty (20) contact hours of CPD.


• Membership fee is USD200.00 annually; and

• Forty (40) contact hours of CPD.

The Scheme membership consists of three categories which are Student, Associate Member and Professional Member. The membership is awarded to individuals who meet the following requirements

1. For Student membership – Passport size photo, identification documents (IC / passport), two recommendation letters and copy of certificates (by the Scheme / other Professional certification accepted).

2. For Associate and Professional membership – Passport size photo, identification documents (IC / passport), CV, qualification's certificate/transcript (Bachelor, Master etc) and copy of certificates (by the Scheme / other Professional certification accepted).

1. The objective of the CPD is to ensure its members maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency.

2. Members who successfully comply with the membership CPD requirement will be better equipped in discharging its duties.

3. Maintenance of membership fees and CPD hours are required annually to renew one’s membership.

1. The annual membership term will expire in June or December of the year. 

2. Membership that comes into effect in January till June of the year will expire at the end of June the following year (end of the term) and the membership that comes into effect in July till December of the year will expire at the end of December the following year (end of the term).

3. Members are to renew their membership at the end of the term by earning minimum contact hours of CPD and paying the annual maintenance fee.

1. Please fill this form and email to .

There are no official prerequisites to take the Global ACE Certification examination. Any candidate who feels that he or she has the knowledge and skill to pass Global ACE Certification examination requirements may apply for the certification.

No. You do not have to take Global ACE Certification examination if you attend a training, although you have the option to do so.

Global ACE Certification training aim to equip students with knowledge and skills in relevant information security area. Global ACE Certification examination provide an indicator that an individual meets a minimum standard of knowledge and skill, which can be used to demonstrate competency for current or potential employers.

There are 3 partnership program as below:

Type A Partnership

A partnership with Global ACE Certification to market, promote and conduct own Training Contents or modules under Global ACE Certification.

Type B Partnership

A partnership program to market, promote and conduct Global ACE Certification Training Module or to Co-Develop Training programmes with Global ACE Certification.


Partnership with Country Chapter to promote and market all training programmes offered by the Scheme.

USD300 per day (Fees inclusive of Training Material + Trainers)


An appeal is a request for reconsideration of a decision regarding certification status, such as: rejection of certification application (due to application does not meet the certification requirements or any information provided during application are false) or revocation of certification (due to noncompliance of certification renewal policy or violation of any of the rules and regulations governing the certification).

A written notification of appeals can be submitted to within 30 days of the event in question. Please include the following information in your appeals:

• What decision is being appealed

• Detailed explanation of the appeal stating the specific grounds of appeal

• Relevant documented evidence; such as CPD documentation for the cycle period since revocation to current year

Appeal Response

All appeals will be reviewed and investigated for final resolution. The outcome of the appeal will be sent to the appellant via email within 30 business days of receipt of appeal and will specify the outcome of the appeal, the reasons for such outcome, and the specific relief granted, if any. Appeal decision is final.

Certification Committee of Global ACE Scheme will consider any expression of dissatisfaction in relation to the certification process, ethical conduct of certification holders or examination administration (including examination facility conditions or content of the examination).

Formal complaints can be submitted to For comments or concerns relating to examination administration, only those received by Certification Committee during the first two (2) weeks after the examination administration will be considered in the final scoring of the examination.

Please include the following information in your complaints:

• Complainant Details (name, exam ID number, test site, test date)

• Complaint Type (application, exam content, exam scope, exam quality, exam experience)

• Description of Complaint with as much supporting documentation and references as possible

Complaints Response

All valid complaints which are submitted in accordance with these procedures shall be investigated and the outcome of that investigation, including any suggested corrective actions, shall be communicated in writing to the complainant. Certification Committee handles complaints in a confidential manner as related to the complainant and the subject of the complaint, which is consistent with our privacy and ethics policies.

Global ACE credentials are maintained by either taking the current certification exam or maintaining Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

The CPD policy requires the attainment of CPD hours over an annual and three-year certification period. Global ACE Certification holders must comply with the following requirements to retain certification:

• Attain and report an annual CPD hours based on the membership category. You may refer to . These hours must be related to the relevant knowledge or skill to perform each certification-related tasks.

• Submit annual Global ACE Certification membership fees in full.

• Respond and submit required documentation of CPD activities if selected for the annual audit.

• Comply with Global ACE Certification Code of Ethics.

Please click the following link for Global ACE Certification maintenance of certification